Spell (Music Video)

The White Cat model head shot Spell by Sharkboy

3 minute music video: claymation stop motion featuring Captain Shadow’s descendant and his white cat. Developing the story of the Aesop-attributed Venus & The Cat fable.

Image: Captain Shadow wolf character bids adieu to his princess
Captain Shadow pulls up a chair (Dragonframe test)

Testing out first try-out of Dragonframe (without onion-skinning)

Captain Shadow title sequence

Captain Shadow silhouette image
Captain Shadow silhouette image

Level 5 project incorporating props, silhouette animation and post-production effects

Captain Shadow (animatic clip)

Captain Shadow Escapes
Captain Shadow Escapes

The story of Romeo & Juliet incorporated into the wolf narrative, creating silhouetted sets, small claymation models and flat shadow effects.

Shadow animations
Shadow animations

Using natural light to create animated shadow clips, using 3D models and ornaments

The Raven ( 2018)

Narrative of a travelling raven who has taken possession of a priceless gem. Utilising larger sets, a 3D model, post-production and photographic images.

The Lost Slipper (clip 2016)

Paper cut animation. Referencing Lottie Reiniger’s delicate silhouette films. The drama of eerie, looping audio encloses the mystery of the escaping Cinderella.

I Love The Bones Of You (clip 2016)

Paper cut animation demonstrating flying skeletons based on original artwork and photos taken at the Natural History Museum. The skeletons are based on greyhound anatomical drawings with added outsized wings.

Carry Me Home (clip 2016)

‘Carry Me Home’ animated music video sample of the parable of ‘The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg’. The brief was to create a mixed media animated film of under a minute, emanating from fable or fairy tale.

The Lovecats ( 2016)

2 minute early claymation of Aesop fable ‘Venus & The Cat’. This version is set to ‘The Lovecats’ by The Cure.

Speedmarine (early animation 2015)

Using claymation models, small sets and some basic post-production effects.