Avy Sharkboy Sign Of The Sharkboy

Avy is the original creative force behind Sign Of The Sharkboy, incorporating moving images, stories, artwork and music. Her band Sharkboy began life in 1991 after recruiting 5 Brighton boys to turn her work into a dramatic live show with brass, percussion and guitars. Sharkboy gained press attention and found themselves touring Europe and the U.S. They recorded 2 critically acclaimed albums and Avy has continued to produce, write  and perform both as a collaborator and as a solo artist.

Encompassing animated work, photography and illustration, Avy references her journey into the audio-visual environment, turning daily life into character and set designs – inspired by animals, nature and the sea.  Her animated work features shape-shifting fables and historical elements. She finds inspiration in artists Jan Svankmajer and Ladislas Starewicz and writers such as Lewis Carroll. She is currently working on a stop-motion experimental film ‘A New Life Tomorrow’ based on the wartime London of her stepfather remembered as a boy before he went to war.

Sign Of The Sharkboy is also partnered by Brighton band The Rock And Roll Wall Of Death. A long-held collaborative partnership, the work of both bands forms the basis of storytelling, fabulism and animated art.

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