Scene 2: Worship of Sredni Vashtar

This finished composition was intended for Scene 2: Worship of Sredni Vashtar. The scene marks the beginning of Conradin’s deification and worship of the omnipotent being, residing as the polecat ferret caged in the shed at the end of the garden.

This track features ambient nature sounds to indicate night-time, segueing into the interior shed scene, where Conradin’s pet hen is housed. These  living creatures embody the inner emotional life and unexpressed feelings of the love-starved little boy. He lives vicariously through the secret life of Sredni Vashtar. He is only allowed to share affection with his gentle pet hen.

The interior scene track includes SFX of owls, farm birds, a bobcat and builds to feature a growling cougar. This last FX sets up the character of Sredni Vashtar as it really is – a creature not to be cuddled or fawned over. A wild thing, not a pet. A being of immense, unbridled power and vicious intent. As a magnificent, sentient being, the power of life and death is held between his claws and jaws, as a proxy for Conradins unexpressed

As he begins to pray to Sredni Vashtar the acoustic guitar introduces the lyrical theme, a counterpoint as the Tibetan style chanting begins. The guitar takes on a rythmic tempo that is intended to lock in with live drums and choreography during Scene 2’s live performance. Due to last minute decision making, only 10 seconds of this track were included for Scene 2.