Scene 6 Sredni Vashtar: Killing of the Hen

This track for Scene 6 Killing of the Hen was created to illustrate the slaughter of Conradin’s pet hen by his unfeeling and cruel cousin, known only as ‘The Woman’.

The track features a real SFX heart beating, as a background beat to virtual viola and guitar. The flurry of activity, shock of the sudden slaughter of the defenceless animal was intended to have echoes of the innocent and silly duck in Peter And The Wolf, and its slow demise depicted by a slowing, lowering single note.

This was quite an emotional piece to record. Featuring death of any kind, particularly that of a defenceless creature, was a challenge that ultimately was successfully met.

This track was not used for the final piece and was replaced in the running order by a different track by another Sound group member. The final performance did not feature either track and instead featured live SFX.